When's that guy gonna make another record?

I get asked that once in a while - less often than "we still play your album" (or some variation thereof) but it's going to be 5 years and I've been feeling the pressure. A recording fund is in place, thanks to a couple of generous benefactors, and I've downloaded some grant applications...we'll see what happens with that! I've got a new batch of songs - well not that new anymore - and the good news is that I've been out there playing them for different audiences and with different accompaniment. I had pretty well decided to make an acoustic album and I had talked about it with some of the top bluegrass players in town, but then I did an abrupt turn and decided to make it a band album with Michelle on drums and feature the wonderful horn players Carrie Chesnutt and Colleen Allen. I had a vision of going in and recording live with the horns but then there were a lot of practical considerations, mostly that we haven't been practicing the songs with horns, there's no arrangements or charts. So then we were going to overdub the horns, and then we even talked about doing the bass after and that's when I realized that this is no way to make a blues record so I pulled the plug (at some great inconvenience to myself and others). So now I'm right back where I started, except in the process I've come out with new (bluesy) arrangements for some of the more folky tunes. I'm now back to recording alone at home and fine-tuning some of those songs. I guess it can't hurt. Stay tuned.