Through a rather unfortunate turn of events I have ended up with a TV in my
room, having been TV-less for many years. There's a reason I didn't have a
TV, and now I'm remembering why. I tend to give the TV "first refusal" on my
time - always checking to see if there's something interesting. Usually
there isn't (I don't have cable) but tonight I caught the last part of the
ADISQ Awards gala (Quebec's version of the JUNOs) and what a moment in
Quebec Music history to see Renee Martel up at the podium accepting the
award for best live show of the year. She was overwhelmed and I knew why
when she said "I've been in this business 57 years and this is the first
time I received a nomination." I remember her as a child star, appearing on
noontime TV show hosted by her father, a local country & western singer in
Shrbrooke. As a teenager, she had a hit record with a song composed by Russ
Kelley (yes, the same Russ Kelley who now heads the music section at Canada
Council). Following her, the "grand dame" of Quebec music, Ginette Reno won
the next two trophies and proclaimed (pardon my rough translation) "Grandma
is still going strong" and finished with something like "now I'm going to go
get shit-faced!"