way out west

Flying over the rockies on a clear day was quite a 3-D experience and doing my Tai Chi in the morning air on Harry's deck on Salspring Island facing the tall pines with hummingbirds buzzing around..that's a great way to kick off my great escape to the West. Ran over a couple of tunes for the show tonight...I get the feeling half the hall will be musicians. This is a little piece of paradise...maybe it will inspire a song or two while I'm here. Just as I arrived the Monkey Junk guys were headed out on the next leg of their tour. They left me the new CD and I'm looking forward to hearing it.

Here's a good quote from the eminently quotable Bob Lefsetz: "Anybody who can survive in today's music world deserves credit. If you make some people happy, you're on your way. If you try to make everybody happy, you're doomed to failure."