My Digital Life

Just for the record, I want to claim my "senior (net) citizen" status. I'm
beginning to realize that there are not many people around who started out
with Pine and Lynx. If those names do not resonate, you were not there at
the beginning. Pine was the only email program that would run on personal
computers and Lynx was the first browser. Lynx was a text-only browser. No
pictures, no icons, except for those people devised with ASCII text. Even
before those halcyon days, I had a Compuserve account running on my Apple
IIe w/400 baud modem. In order to have a Compuserve account, I had to keep a
bank account and post office box in the USA (thankfully I lived only a few
minutes from the Vermont border). When you think of the leap from that to
today with iPhones and streaming movies, we have to assume that
communications will continue a similar exponential growth - my mind boggles
when you think of what is yet to come in my lifetime.