Hand me that Banjo

Maybe it's because I just got offered another racetrack gig for my
instrumental trio, The BlueZgrass BoyZ, but I went out and bought a banjo!
It's a six-string banjo, so it still plays like a guitar but it's still a
big switcheroo for this not-too-adventurous guitar player who has never used
alternate tunings, doesn't play slide and who has basically been playing the
same licks and grooves for the last 40 yeqrs (on the same old Epiphone

I had a couple of out-of-town gigs just cancel and I might be a little
bummed but I got bolstered by a very nice comment that was left on my YouTube page about my song
"Last Time I Saw Lenny". He said Lenny would have liked it. That was nice to
hear not that I even attempted to play like Lenny.