Good luck Maria

I found myself in front of a TV (an all-too-rare occurrence up until a
couple of months ago - I had wened myself off TV for the last 3 or 4
years...but I digress...I saw the search for a "Maria" for the production of
the Sound of Music in Toronto. A live audition before the whole TV
unviverse. Talk about a hotseat. I like Elishia best and went to vote for
her online - just to see how The Mother Corporation, CBC, handles online
voting. I went in expecting obstacles and I got them. When I left off my
phone number it made me start over. I sort of expected that so I was
prepared to re-enter everything, but the second time I forgot to re-select
"Elishia" and it bumped me back to zero again. I tried to use the back
button on the browser but of course that didn't work. I din';t go back a
third time so Elishia I hope you don't lost by one vote because I'll feel
pretty shitty. I know there's more elegant way to do these things!