Jazz fest Day 3

Skipped the mainstage concert to do the rounds - first Pat Carey's CD
launch at the Orbit Room. Lots of energy on that stage. Michael Fonfara
doing a pretty legit jazz gig on the B3 organ - with bass player Garth Vogan
sounding exactly like the bass pedals would if Fonf was playing them. Ted
Quinlan, Toronto's go-to guitarist for any occasion was replacing Jake
Langley who had to rush out of town to be with an ailing parent.

Finally took the occasion to see Nikki Yanofsky and try to get some idea
what all the fuss is about. Sold out house - $40 ticket - and the audience
loved her. Who wouldn't? The kid delivers, but at the risk of sounding like
an old curmudgeon, it still didn't reach right into my soul. Neither did the
Billy Band, though they sure have something special. A bunch of Russians
playing Tom Waits songs. Go figure. Then before packing in it, I dropped
into Grossmans where I will be playing next Sunday afternoon with Roberta
Hunt. The double-steel man, Brian Cober, was playing his home-away-from-home
for the last 24 years. Actually he may now have more of a domestic life - he
just got married. Congratulations Brian!