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Here is Dr. Feelgood in the brand new control room at CKLN.

This was the first of a bunch of interviews - we're already scheduling at least one radio interview per week and so far they all want me to bring a guitar and play a couple of tunes. Last Wednesday with Dr. Feelgood at CKLN was painless. Great to have someone asking questions who actually listened to the record. Davis even quoted some lines from a previous blog entry of mine. Megawd, some people are reading this - I better check my spelling. The station has moved into brand new studios
that were very well air-conditioned, as opposed to any other campus radio
studio that I've ever attended. I think I must make a point of bringing a
guitar tuner next time. I think I could have used it, but most people don't
notice these things.

After the show, we went out for a drink to a club where Julian Fauth was supposed to be playing - according to the MapleBlues magazine listings (yes, that's the one i (barely) manage. Well Julian wasn't playing, but a very earnest young woman was playing keyboards and singing jazzy/poppy stuff. Speaking of newsletter screw-ups, photographer Eddy B collared me at Healey's to tell me that (once again) I had run a photo he took without giving him credit. I was mortified - and here's a public apology to Eddy B for this and all the times I left off a photo credit. I don't suppose it's any consolation that, as he pointed out at the same time, I have give him a photo credit on the new CD and he doesn't have a photo on it. Well, ass they say in the world of desktop publishing..."Arghhh"