We have product

An auspicious day! Just got the call from the record company - the CD's are
in from the manufacturer. The end of a long journey that began the week
before Xmas 2002. Or maybe this is just the beginning of the journey...
Anyway I've been working on my long-distance driving skills and have
discovered something called "Red Bull" which seems to help. All I need is
the gigs. Oh yes, I better get some promo together...and the website.
Still no confirmation on the European tour for September. Maybe I should
just start lining up some gigs closer to home.

Discovery of the week: Tony Furtado at the Dollar last Fri. I'm not one to
listen to slide all night (unless it's Harry Manx or Sonny Landreth) but
this guy blew my mind. Not a big crowd at the Dollar but I stayed till the
end and I'm glad I did. His slide on 5-string banjo was something to behold
- this was bluegrass on steroids if such a thing is possible - cranked up
by a phenomenal young drummer called Darien Gray (straight from the North
Mississippi thrash & crash school of drumming).

Off to pick up some CD's now.