Well they practically did in this old blues guy today. We played from 2:30
to 4:30 in the blazing sun on
the hottest day of the years (so far)...on an uncovered stage. My musicians
were worried for their instruments (Andrew wouldn't use his acoustic
mandolin) and the bass player following us was ready to walk. Me, I played
the gig, but I'm sitting here feeling what must be heatstroke. If I lay
down and don't wake up, then I want everybody to know I died with my boots

Danny Brooks saved the day and actually went and found a patio umbrella and
brought is up on the stage to give me a little shade. Danny and Dennis were
very complimentary - said I was the real deal, stuff like that. Very
encouraging. Musicians especially have been very complimentary and it's not
always their nature. I was talking to a great singer last night (well, it
was Laura Hubert) and I heard her echo some sentiments I've been feeling
lately - Something like "I can't get arrested in this town". And I thought
(but never said) "that's cause you're different, girl" And I hope that's
what they would say about me...even if it gets labeled "novelty blues."

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