As the month winds down, I'm into full-tilt newsletter production and trying to get ready for a mastering session at the end of the week. The CD artwork is taking longer than expected though we expected it to take longer than expected. Anyway, I'm going to decide on a final sequence and get this sucker mastered. I got so many contrary opinions about different mastering studios that I'm just going back to the place where I did my first album. It's all voodoo, anyway. Meanwhile I've picked up this cold/flu that's been going around so I running on one cylinder - don't know why I'm here updating this blog. Seize the moment, I guess.

Just did a bunch of dates opening for Harry Manx and that is always a treat - an audience that came to *listen*. I've picked up a couple of festival dates for June, but they are not listening situations and I'm trying to figure out what kind of format to use that will provide a more high-energy (louder) performance than my usual laid-back self. I had suggested myself on resophonic guitar and two tenor saxes but the prez (my record company prez) prefers that I do something that's a little more like what we've recorded. In that case, I should stick to the "Bluesgrass" trio idea, mandolin, violin and guitar. Still haven't found the fiddler of my dreams but I'm going to speed up the search.

My next gig is a leadbelly tribute concert and I'm frantically trying to get the lyrics for the two songs I've agreed to play, "when I was a cowboy" and "john hardy" Yeah, that's what I should be doing right now!