Driving to a gig yesterday I was thinking it's about time to post a
blog on all the great stuff that happened in October, for all three of
you who like to keep up on ole Colorblind's shenanigans, but let me
start by telling you about the gig yesterday.

It was a return engagement as the matinee guest at the Liquid Lounge
in Brantford. Mike Fitzpatrick, who I played with a lot in the past
had to sub out because he had a goig with Downchild, but the drummer
he got was great - Chris Nemeth is his name. Dennis Rondeau was the
bass player - he's a great musician, didn't have to give much
direction to him. In fact, I had tried to position myself so he could
watch my left hand, but all he ever saw was the back of my hand.
Anyway, this rhythm section didn't need any drection. And what a
pleasure playing with Rod Phillips again - he brings every song to new
heights. One of the great organists in our town. Rod, Mike and I had a
little organ trio going for a couple of years - hope we get to do it
again sometime. Rod's coming over to do some overdubs on my album

But the big surprise of yesterday afternoon was the presence of Hubert
Sumlin. There's a big show in town today, and he came in a day early
and wanted to check out the local scene - probably coming to see Larry
Goodhand who has been the house guitarist at the Liquid Lounge but
who's been under the weather for the last couple of weeks. As we were
chatting, someone asked if he was going to sit in and he said no -
that he had not checked in to the hotel yet, but then as we were about
to start the set, a young woman came up to thye stage and said Hubert
was going to play a tune...just for her.

So we called him up and I relinquished my stool handed him my Strat
and moved off to the side of the stage. But then Hubert called me back
and just wanted to back me up so I did a couple of tunes and he played
some laid back rhythm and a couple of tasty leads. I realized after
that I didn't give him much volume, but he sounded fine and obviously
he though I sounded fine because he was so complimentary. I wrote down
what he said, told him I was going to put it on my website...he said
"You got something. Something good! I got ears. I listen...I'm not
gonna forget you..."

And they guys sitting with him said he couldn't stop talking about my
playing. This from the guy that backed up all my heroes, Howlin' Wolf,
Muddy Waters.... A great old guy, 73 years old, One lung left but he's
going strong. I gave him a stoll to sit on, but he'd rather stand.

I think Larry's supposed to be playing with Hubert today - I stuck
around Hamilton so that I could check out thye show. Alvin Youngblood
Hart is on the bill and he's a guy doing some interesting cotemporary