a good day for music

As I stood picking on my Johnson resophonic with two fabulous musicians
on either side of me - Andrew Collins on mandolin and Henry Heillig on
string bass, I was thinking we're pretty lucky guys to be having so
much fun *and* getting paid for it. We were doing a strolling string
band gig at the Woodbine racetrack though we found a nice spot on
little grassy area under big tree. Every once in while the racehorses
would be led by in a little parade to or from their big race at the
track. It was a big race, too. A million dollar purse I was told. The
music was a real treat - never played with either of these guys before
but I sure hope I get to play with them again.

On the way home, I dropped in at the Rex and heard a phenomenal
old-school boogie woogie piano player from Michigan, Bob Seeley. He was
doing a two-pianos thang with Bob Baldori. I haven't heard it done that
well since I saw Ralph Sutton and Dick Hyman going head-to-head a
couple of years ago.