another milestone

let me put aside the desktop publishing for a minute to note another
milestone in my struggling music career. A lot of musicians will
remember the thrill they felt the first time they heard their recording
on the radio or when some fan came up to them on the street, but
tonight I had another first. I heard myself doing one of those radio
station know "Hi this is Brian Blain and you're listening
to "Back to the Sugar Camp". Now I'm sure most of the people listening
are wondering who the hell Brian Blain is, but I got a kick out of it

Then back to my media-mooch life. Got to a couple of shows that are
part of the Small World festival - a great band called Tricycle - a
jazzy/world ensemble with a banjo up front. I'm really starting to get
into that bluegrass groove. Tonite I had to let them know I won't be
coming to the Afro-Nubians show...I'll be in Provincetown, Mass. Oh
yeah, I also got to see a screening of the the Ray Charles biopic,
"Ray", and it was phenomenal. Not to be missed.