Photo Credits

A big "excuse me" to photographer Eddy B for using one of his pics in MapleBlues without his permission. I have already apologised to Eddy in person but I need to tell the public at large (that huge public that reads my blog religiously!) that I am the only one responsible for putting that picture of Raoul in the ad for the Porquis Blues festival - It's a great pic and I had previously used it in MapleBlues (with permission). But this time, the Porquis folks (one of the few festivals that had the foresight to include Ole' Colorblind in their programming)sent me the ad but asked me to drop in pics of Jack de Keyzer and Raoul Bhaneja. I just did a search on my computer, found the best pics I could and dropped them into the ad. It's a great pic of Raoul by Eddy, who has terrific site himself.

While I'm at it, let me acknowledge that Don Vickery was the photographer who took the pic of the presentation of the Ron Collier Memorial Scholarship that I used in this month's Downtown Jazz newsletter. And there was no computer cop-out excuse for that one! He brought me the print and I scanned it myself. Both Eddy and Don have done photo shoots for me and they're both friends - "You always hurt the one you love" or should I say "You always take for granted the one you love."

Furthermore, I should give myself a kick in the ass because I took the cover pic and, of course, no credit. And let me include a big sorry to photographer Barry Thompson, whom I've done this to more times than I can remember (and when I did put his name, it was often mispelled...) What are we going to do with me?