Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival

Hey, Larry, sorry I wasn't able to stick around to to hear more than a
couple of Trouble & Strife tunes at the Winchester - I stopped in on the
way out of town but the place was filled to capacity and they wouldn't let
us in. I did peek around the door long enough to see the lovely and
talented Maureen Brown in full flight with you guys.

We couldn't stick around. My friend Jacquie, who got off work early and
drove me all the way up there, was fading fast. The band sounded great and
it was a treat having you sit on with me at the Coffee House stage. This
was my first outdoor show this year and isn't it great to play under the
wide open sky - even when the sun is coming straight at you.

We had an attentive audience and a happy venue. Here's hoping the
Orangeville Blues & Jazz fest continues to provide a great kick-off of the
Southern Ontario blues festival season.