One more weasel

Look out, I've written another "insider" song about the dark underbelly of the music industry. This one refers to "One of those weasels, talking at the back of the room" and I'll apologize in advance to all my media pals some of whom may raise an eyebrow, but most will realize it's all in good fun and if anybody feels slandered, I will gladly retract any reference to them. I'll post the lyrics later (I wrote it sitting at a table in The Rivoli at the CD launch for John and the Sisters. There was an opening set by a hot young singer-songwriter and there he was playing for a dream audience of music industry honchos and media types...most of whom were at the back of the room chatting. I've always thought these gigs were a thankless job. I hope he got noticed by at least one important music industry honcho. I didn't get his name, myself.