I missed the first night of the Toronto Blues Society bTalent Search Finals and must apologize to Julian Fauth and Doc Mclean, two musical buddies that I would have been out supporting if I hadn't had a gig myself (see previous post).

I did get to the second night of the finals and was surprised to find an old Montreal bluesman I knew in the winning band, Bharath and the Catfish - guitarist extraordinaire Andrew Cowan of the Stephen Barry Blues Band. I was doubly surprised that he was playing the same model of Harmony archtop guitar that I just received as a gift out of the blue. It's not in very playable shape but you can tell it sounds great - I think I'm now motivated to get it in good working order. Andrew had a great sound - through a small ampeg amp. I think I'm inspired.

Kudos to Julian Fauth for winning the runner-up prize. Julian *is* a prize on the Toronto blues scene.

Also sorry to see Calgary lose that hockey game...