May 9 Wasn't able to schedule a gig with the first Sunday of May and make
it my annual Mothers' day show, but this year, the best I could do was get
my ancient recording of "Don't Forget Your Mother" played on Steve
Fruitman's radio show Back To The Sugar Camp on CIUT-FM. That recording has
been geeting a lot of attention lately - an American author who is working
on a biography of drummer Jim Gordon (who played on it) was in touch with
me asking for anecdotes about the recording sessions. Jim, for those who
don't know, killed his own mother and was committed to an institution for
the criminally insane as far as we know. Frazier Mohawk, who produced the
session, seems to think we might have put him over the edge. (I've since
found out that it was years after our recording that he committed the
crime, so I don't feel so bad) (and thanks to FM for pointing out that I
was wrong in my previous posting claiming that Gordon died in an
institution for the criminally insane - he is indeed still living) ((I hAte
it when I publish the deaths of people who are not - I remember a few
months after Sandy Denny died I, I referred to the "late" Tracy Nelson.))