I did not get any packages out to festivals this year - actually I dropped
off some for various folk festival directors at the OCFF Conference - but
never heard from one of them. (I'm not so good at follow up - I figure if
they like what they hear, they'll get back to me). Anyway, as it turned out
I got a last minute call from a festival that never got a package - the
Orangeville Jazz & Blues Festival and I'm playing it June 4. A couple of
days before that, in the parking lot at Dior Lounge, I ran into Sab, who
puts on the annual Porquis Junction Blues Festival, and he invited me to do
it again - last minute again, but I don't mind. And I just got some
second-hand confirmation I'll be back at the Markham Jazzfest. That's how
festival gigs happen for me. The ones I try don't even get back to me. The
ones that heard me play call me back.