Hey Russ, I hope you enjoyed hearing the first mixes of my new CD. Some people hate it and some people love it - that's always a good sign. I'm still trying to address all the coments from "Make the vocal louder" to "Put the vocal back in the track". Andrew, my next door neighbour said he really enjoyed the "spare" guitar playing. It is plenty spacious - maybe because I was planning on overdubbing more guitar but in fact we took off most of what we had overdubbed, so it's still quite spare and understated. That's me!

The gig with Gary went great - I played the new arrangement (upgrade) of my computer song and tried a new one out of the blue. We had some killer grooves goin. So I end up asking him to get together with his Downchild rhythm section, Michael Fonafara (whom I've never played with) and Mike Fitzpatrick who played drums on my first CD. Fonfara was the producer for a band I played with, Blue Willow. I'll always remember when they brought in Carlos del Junco to do some harmonica parts and at first they played him the track with the guitar solo, then they just pulled out the guitar so it wouldn't distract him. Well Carlos nailed a solo and that was the end of my guitar solo. Anyway, I'm going to lay down a couple of electric blues numbers with these boys so we can liven up the album.