The CD was supposed to be mixed this week, but we took a breather. Getting back into it tomorrow.

What I did when I should have been mixing:

Sat - Saw a great film called Amandla, about the importance of music to the South African struggle against apartheid (free showing at Harbourfront)
Sun - My first show at the legendary Elgin Theatre. What an impressive place, and an amazing "folk opera" of Bible Stories from a South African opera company.
Mon - An advance screening of the movie "A Mighty Wind" a hilarious spoof 60s folk phenomenon at its worst. Side-splittingly funny but even before the movie started we were entertained by a goofy trio led by Steven Ambrose (not exactly a folk fixture). Terry Wilkins was playing bass. They were snging in the upstairs foyer of the Paramount (a real state-of-the-art megaplex) and then they actually took to the stage in the theatre, trailers flashing behind them (obviously no one told the projectionist there were going to be musicians in frront of his screen). They looked so small - a little minitature trio playing in front of that giant screen.
The humour of the film is so close to truth that I'm told some folkies didn't find it funny, but I thought it was a gas (don't know if it'll make a big popular hit...)
Tues - The Funk Brothers - Standing in the Shadows of Motown. This was a Downtown Jazz production so I got to hang around at Massey Hall for the sound check. They were getting some amazing sounds during the sopundcheck - a keyboard player, somebody singing and two drummers playing full tilt. And these were just the roadies setting up the gear!. Walking in the dressing room area I saw through an open door that the horn section was being rehearsed. I heard them running through a couple of classic horn riffs, then I hear sombody say "by the way, have you guys met? Looked like they'd already rehearsed half the set before the regular horn guy was introduced to the two Toronto "ringers" one of whom was Chase Sanborne. I know only because at the end of the show, the entire band was introduced (and a big band it was) and when he got to the two new horn players, he had to be told their names. This was the greatest show I've seen in...whatever. At first I wasn't too sure about this, but as it progressed it was a phenomenal musical experience, especially watching bass player Bob Babbit drive that huge hit-making machine. An inspiration watching a bass player where every note counts.