Trying to remember "The Story of the Magic Pick"

The Islington Golf Club. Did an afternoon private party with Professor Piano (Scott Cushnie). I realized my repertoire is wanting beyond the 50 or so originals (that I barely know anyway). (ACTION ITEM*** I need to learn some blues standards.***) Now I’m back home and I’m trying to run over a few folky tunes (don’t know why) and I can’t even remember the first line of "The Story of the Magic Pick", the B-side of the only record I ever made under my own name. I have to dig out the disc and check the lyrics which were printed on the back of the sleeve. And this man wants to make a career in music?

This is the last date booked with Prof. I’ve got to get some trio gigs with Mike & Victor. But before that i need to (ACTION ITEM***learn some blues standards.***)