O.P. in the audience

Montreal Bistro. Finally got to see Doug Riley – one of the pioneers of the jingle scene in Toronto – successor to Ben McPeek and then a rock star of sorts (Dr. Music). So he’s about to get on for the first set at the Montreal Bistro and who walks in (slowly) and is placed at the only table in front of the stage. Oscar Peterson, looking a little frail, sat with his back to the musicians but always clapped and looked over his shoulder to nod approval – in particular to guitar wizard Ted Quinlan. Phil Dwyer, the sax player said to his boys “Have a nice set, boys” when he saw Peterson. And they did. But the opening number, “The Lady Is A Tramp”, did start off slightly rocky.

Quote of the Night: Fay Olson leaned over to me in the Bistro holding up a snifter and said “I’ve made a resolution. From now on after every 10 glasses of white wine I’m going to have a double Grand Marnier”.