Benefit for Care Foundation

The Black Swan. What a treat – Blue Willow played with a couple of other bands at this benefit – and harp player Jerome Godboo sat in for the entire set. He picked up on a lot of subtleties in my playing and reflected them on the harp. For a guy that looks and moves like Jim Morrison (it was his claim to fame), he sure is a sensitive musician. I heard he was doing solo projects but when I asked what side-things he was doing he said “I only have one project – The Phantoms”. In the washroom someone complimented me from the urinal – I looked over and it was the wunderkind guitarist for the Sidemen – I said “Kyle??? – I’m looking forward to hearing you, too.” He was very friendly and I mentioned “I was just talking to your manager.” He said “RJ?” That didn’t sound like the name I remember – after tossing around a few other names, he finally found one I recognized.