More Jam Sessions

The Black Swan. It was nice to walk into a place and know a few people – and now I’m starting to be introduced to a few more. This time I was invited to jam (even though it’s a bit of an all-star jam) the guests were Carlos Del Junco and Gordie Johnson – the latter is bound to be a big star. He has got more talent than any one person could ever be born with. Anyway, they found a guitar for me (I don’t bring my guitar to these jams – I'm happy just to listen) but this time I played and as usual, it was less than ideal – but I had fun anyway. The guitar was plugged into some little stomp box and I didn’t even realize so there was this weird echo for the first couple of songs. I couldn’t begin to list the credentials of all the players – the bass was some kind of local legend and the piano player, John Cleveland Hughes, had been working with B.B. King.