Albert’s Hall

This was a great way to start the New Year. A gig at Albert’s “It’s not a bar, it’s a legend” Hall. It was the first time we’ve played five nights in a row and you would think that I would just keep getting better but I realized, especially after hearing the tapes, that I was getting a little stale. Still, if you play it with conviction and don’t get sloppy, you’re the only one that knows it’s stale. The first couple of nights there were lots of musicians in the crowd – slightly intimidating. Then on the first night I broke two strings in the first set. There was a columnist from the Sun at the gig and she took some pictures and interviewed Dawn and Lorraine. When the picture appeared in the Saturday Star, it was of Dawn alone and she was disappointed that Lorraine didn’t appear in the picture or get mentioned in the article. When I saw the reporter a week later she said she couldn’t get a decent picture of Lorraine (she was in the dark) but that she had almost used a picture of me. I said it’s a very good thing that she didn’t.